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An immersive experience dedicated to light, flight, and the liquid nature of life.

Join us this July for an evening-length event full of music, flying trapeze, aerial arts, fire performances, and live analog visual displays all inspired by the ocean and its many wonders

Wild Arts Collective, New Paltz, NY

Thursday, July 18th | Friday, July 19th | Saturday, July 20th
Thursday, July 25th | Friday, July 26th | Saturday, July 27th

The evening's experiences include:

5:30pm-8pm — Open Fly Time and Open Mic

Join us during the daylight hours to take a swing on the flying trapeze, enjoy the music, or perform in our Open Mic.

8pm-10pm — Liquid Light Flight: Spring Tide Performance

Join us in our underwater world designed to showcase 6 billion years of evolution and imagine the future of our blue planet. Live musicians, aerialists, fire performers, flying trapeze artists and multidisciplinary visual artists work together to create a story of oceanic life.

10pm-Midnight — Open Jam

Join in with us to create live liquid light projections, take a spin in the Lyra under the liquid light, fly on the trapeze under the show lights, or flow with fellow fire artists in a safe space. Explore, dance and watch as others learn new things in an epic nature-based location filled with stars and firelight. Enjoy dancing to our DJs set lists or circle up around a fire to discuss our blue planet and its beautiful potentials. 

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